Pharmaco - bringing together a world of healthcare

Established in 1967, Pharmaco provides services for over 2,500 products for a wide range of business partners.

Pharmaco represents over twenty leading pharmaceutical and medical technology companies from all around the globe, including Europe, the US, Asia and Australasia.

We offer a number of benefits to our business partners and customers alike. Our local ownership and over 50 years' experience in New Zealand and Australia, means we have an acute understanding of local market conditions, and can be flexible and adaptable as needed.

We have proven regulatory, sales and marketing, administrative and financial skills, and are backed by a solid Quality Assurance focus.

We look forward to developing further partnerships with like-minded companies in the future: so we can continue to enhance the health and well-being of our customers.

The C.A.T Tourniquet Range

The C.A.T Tourniquet is available in orange and black. Each is suitable for different emergency environments.