Pharmaco Emergency Care - Suppliers of C.A.T Tourniquet

Pharmaco Emergency Care is proud to bring you C.A.T Tourniquet® direct from the manufacturers, CAT Resources. C.A.T controls life-threatening bleeding from an extremity that cannot be controlled with direct pressure, packing or pressure dressing.

Pharmaco Emergency Care is a leading supplier of emergency care, resuscitation and trauma products. Through our heartfelt belief in combining the very best technologies with educated minds, skilled hands and caring hearts, we help to improve patient care and outcomes.

Dealing quickly with major external bleeding is vital.


There are many common accidents that can result in major bleeding. Kids crashing through windows at home, when out surfing, fishing and boating accidents, at work or using DIY machinery, road and even hunting accidents.

Aussie lives are lost every year simply because people may be unaware of what to do. So it's important to know how to provide potentially life-saving first aid in the critical minutes before emergency services arrive. Check out what you need to do!

Make sure it's a genuine C.A.T Tourniquet GEN7


Don't be fooled by a fake! There are cheap replicas in the market, that cost less and look very similar.

Genuine C.A.T. Tourniquets are made by C.A.T. Resources and only supplied through licensed distributors. Pharmaco Emergency Care is a licensed C.A.T. GEN7 distributor in Australia. So give imposters a miss.

Learn how to apply a C.A.T Tourniquet

Learning how to use a C.A.T Tourniquet is easy. However, when facing a high stress situation such as a car accident or an injury of someone close to you, being familiar with what to do will help. Make sure you check out the training videos and read through the simple instructions before you need it!

The C.A.T. Tourniquet Range

The C.A.T Tourniquet range is available in Orange and Black. Each is suitable for different emergency environments.